How To Disable CCleaner Alert

CCleaner program is preferred amongst Windows users. The program is extensively utilized to maximize disk area by erasing scrap files produced by Windows as well as third-party programs. In addition to tidying up scrap files, the program can likewise be used to get rid of unnecessary entries from the context menu, analyse disk space, and repair Windows Registry.

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Among things I am not so delighted about CCleaner is its Alert popup which appears due to the fact that of active monitoring system. By default, the active tracking system continuously runs in the background and displays Alert messages on the screen when the build-up of scrap files goes beyond half a GB.

The following CCleaner Alert dialog turns up when you can conserve more than 500 MB of disk area by deleting junk files. Clicking the Click here to open CCleaner button will open the Cleaner feature of CCleaner, where you can select applications and Windows programs that you want to select or deselect.

How to Disable CCleaner Alert Popup

The function is very handy as you do not require to run CCleaner on regular basis to maximize disk area and enhance your PC. But, sometimes, the CCleaner Alert popup aggravates when we remain in the middle of something severe.

One method to prevent CCleaner Alert is to increase the default 500 MB limitation to 2 or 5 GB. But the choice to increase the limitation is available only in the Pro and Pro Plus editions of CCleaner. So if you’re using the free edition of CCleaner and do not like to see the CCleaner Alert popup, you need to shut off the active monitoring system.

As disabling active tracking system will not change the default behaviour of CCleaner except that it will not run in the background looking for junk files, it’s safe to switch off active tracking system. You can constantly by hand run CCleaner and scan the system to eliminate scrap files.

Likewise, the active monitoring system switched on implies CCleaner is continuously running in the background to scan for junk files. Turning off active monitoring system will likewise maximize some system resource, fairly small though. As soon as you shut off active monitoring system, not only the CCleaner Alert popup will stop making the appearance but the CCleaner icon will likewise vanish from the system tray location.

So complete the offered below directions to shut off active monitoring system to get rid of CCleaner Alert popup in Windows operating system.

Disabling CCleaner Alert popup

Action 1: The first step is to open CCleaner window.

Action 2: On the main window of CCleaner, click the Options icon situated in the left pane and then switch to Monitoring tab.

Disable CCleaner Alert Popup

Step 3: Now, on the right hand side of Monitoring (see photo) tab, you need to uncheck two alternatives named Enable system tracking and Enable active monitoring.

Disable CCleaner Alert Popup in Windows

As you can see, in order to shut off Active monitoring, we require to initially uncheck Enable system monitoring choice.

Disable CCleaner Alert Popup1

When you see the verification dialog box, please click Yes button. That’s it! CCleaner will no longer amaze you with the Alert popup.

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