How To Recover Windows Product Key From Windows.old Folder

Possibly you updated from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and now seeking to obtain the product key of your previous version from the Windows.old folder so that you can trigger your Windows 10 OS using your Windows 7/8 essential, or perhaps you performed a clean set up of Windows without formatting the drive, and now wish to retrieve the item essential conserved in the Windows.old backup folder

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As you know, when you trigger a version of Windows operating system by going into a product secret, the product secret is normally conserved in the Registry but it can’t be easily deemed it’s secured for security reasons.

Recuperate Windows 7 8 10 item key from Windows.old folder

There are several tools out there to view, recuperate and backup item keys conserved the Registry however these tools can’t retrieve item keys from backup files conserved in Windows.old folder, implying these tools excellent to recuperate item keys just from a live Windows system.

That stated, there is a totally free software out there to obtain your Windows product secret from Windows.old folder, and it can be utilized to recover your product license secret of Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10. In this guide, we will utilize a brand-new software application called ShowKeyPlus to recuperate Windows product secret from Windows.old folder.

Retrieve Windows 7/8/10 product key from Windows.old folder.

To recuperate the item key from Windows.old folder, please follow the given listed below instructions.

Keep in mind: In addition to Windows.old folder, you can likewise utilize this method to recover the item key from any kind of backup that you formerly developed either using the native image backup tool or third-party software on your internal drive or external drive. If you have the image backup of a variation of Windows, install or draw out the image file contents to a folder and then follow the provided listed below guidelines.

Action 1: Visit this page of GitHub and download the current variation of ShowKeyPlus software. It’s a portable energy created to assist you recover Windows product secret and more importantly, is a totally free software.

Action 2: Extract file to get ShowKeyPlus executable. Double-click on the exact same to run it. Click Yes button if you see the User Account Control box.

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Step 3: Once the application is launched, it will show your current item secret, set up version and edition of Windows. In addition to that, if the Windows.old folder is located in the root of the drive where the presently running Windows is set up, it will instantly retrieve the product secret from the Windows.old folder and show it as Original key.

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If you have moved the Windows.old folder to a various place, ShowKeyPlus will not immediately recover the item secret from Windows.old folder. In that case, click the choice entitled Retrieve secret from backup, and after that navigate to the Windows System32 Config folder situated under Windows.old folder.

Select the file called Software, and then click open button to view the item secret.

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For instance, if “C” is the drive where Windows is installed, then you require to browse to C: Windows System32 Config folder in the ShowKeyPlus.

For those who don’t know, Registry files are saved in the Config folder and Software hive includes information about Windows running system in addition to the item key.

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As stated before, this guide is not simply limited to recovering your product secret from Windows.old folder. This technique likewise is available in useful if you have a dead or unbootable PC, and you want to recover the item secret. Backup the Software hive from the unbootable machine utilizing our how to backup files from unbootable Windows PC, and after that attempt this software application on a working PC.

Our how to recuperate Windows 10 product secret from BIOS or UEFI guide might also help you.

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