Windows 8 Guides

How To Create System Backup Image In Windows 8.1

System Image is one of the functions first presented with Windows Vista to help users easily produce backup picture of drives without the assistance of third-party tools. In easy words, a system backup image includes […]

Windows 7

Two Ways To Create Windows 7 Live USB Drive

Gone are the days of setting up Windows from DVD drives. Nowadays, most PC users utilize USB flash drives to clean-install Windows os and many of them even choose creating live Windows USB drives. Setting […]

Windows 7

How To Create Windows 7 Repair USB Drive

Developing a Windows 7 repair disc is relatively simple and can be prepared in a couple of minutes without the help of third-party software. For those who are new to Windows 7 and have not […]

Windows 10

How To Create Ubuntu Bootable USB On Windows 10

Ubuntu requires no intro. It’s one of the very best flavors of the Linux operating system. The recent variations of Ubuntu not just sport an easy-to-use user interface but likewise come with basics apps that […]

XP Tweaks

How To Create Live USB/CD/DVD OF Vista/XP

Windows Vista and XP allows the user to secure their information by disabling composing authorization to USB drives. There are two ways to do this job.First one is the simplest method, through Group Policy (not […]