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How To Create System Backup Image In Windows 8.1

System Image is one of the functions first presented with Windows Vista to help users easily produce backup picture of drives without the assistance of third-party tools. In easy words, a system backup image includes […]

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How To Make Windows 8.1 Look Like Windows 7

Not everybody loves the default appearance of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. There are millions of Windows users who have actually been required (or, at least they think so) to utilize the current version of […]

Windows 8 Guides

How To Check A Driver’s Version In Windows 10/7

Keeping your PC chauffeurs updated not only assists enhance the efficiency however also helps you avoid stability issues and run PC a bit more efficiently. It’s since of these reasons, experts advise PC users update […]

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Finally, A Way To Change Windows 8 Boot Screen

UPDATE: The first program to change Windows 8.1 boot screen logo design has been released. Please visit our how to change Windows 8.1 boot logo guide for detailed instructions to change the boot screen logo […]

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Upgrade Windows 8 To Windows 8.1 Update

About 2 weeks ago, Microsoft officially revealed and released Windows 8.1 Update to the public. Windows 8.1 Update is a free update offered to all PC users running Windows 8.1 RTM and is an effort […]